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Johannesburg Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa


About the Nutrition and Food Security Services Programme

Afrika Tikkun is working on eradicating child poverty and youth unemployment through its Nutrition and Food Security Services (NFSS) programme. While finding work that young people can thrive in is the ultimate goal, NFSS forms an essential part of a basket of services given to young people and their families from the age of 3, throughout the lifespan of their youth. By implementing this programme, the organisation ensures that food insecurity does not impede the education and development of young people at any stage.

We operate in some of South Africa’s most impoverished townships. Studies reveal that unemployment levels are reported to be at about 54% (among the potential labour force), with 73% living below the poverty line.

Children in the Early Childhood Development programme receive four meals a day – two full meals, and two healthy snacks. Young people taking part in after-school programmes are served the equivalent of supper, later in the afternoon. Staff, who are from the local community, also receive full meals. Furthermore, families of children at the Centre who are in a place of need receive food parcels and lunch boxes until they are able to stand on their own.


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(Guest) Michal Janosek
(Guest) Michal Janosek
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(Guest) Damian Lahr
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